The history of ENDIAMA E.P is strictly associated with
the beginning of diamond in Africa, threading a path since
the 19th Century.

Diamonds in Africa

  • 1867 »Official date when the first diamonds were found in Africa,
    namely in South Africa, on the banks of River Orange, near
    Kimberley City;
  • 1903 »Discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe;
  • 1907 »Discovery of diamonds in Zaire;
  • 1908 »Discovery in Namibia;
  • 1913 »The first diamonds are discovered in United Republic of Tanzania;
  • 1919 »Republic of Ghana starts its diamond epic;
  • 1930 »Throughout the 30’s, diamonds are found in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast,
    Central African Republic, Lesotho, Liberia and Swaziland;
  • 1967 »De Beers finds Orapa mine in Botswana;

Diamonds in Angola

1907 - 1918
1952 - 1958
1970 - 1978
1981 - 1988
1990 - 1999

2000 - 2007
till now
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  • 1912 »Mr. Johnston and McVey increased certainty about diamond presence in Angola, after discovering seven diamond stones in Mussalala creek, affluent of Tchiumbe river, in Lunda’s region. On 4th September, Companhia de Pesquisa Mineira de Angola (Mining Research Company of Angola) (PEMA)) is established;
  • 1917/18 »On 16th October, Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (Diamond Company of Angola) (Diamang) is founded, a joint-venture of financial groups from Portugal, Belgium, USA, UK and South Africa. On 6th July, all mining rights pertaining to PEMA are transferred to Diamang;


  • 1920 »On 4th December, the High Commissioner of Angola and Diamang sign an exclusivity agreement for diamonds prospecting and mining;


  • 1937 »Starts the mechanization of the diamond industry in Angola;


  • 1952 »The first kimberlite is discovered in Angola, Camafuca - Kamazambo;
  • 1955 »Rich diamond reserves are discovered in Cuango river;
  • 1958 »Discovery of kimberlite Camutué;


  • 1970 »On 28th February, Condiama, a joint-venture between Diamang and De Beers Consolidated is established to focus on diamond trading;
  • 1973 »196 primary diamond sources are discovered, marking the epic discovery “diamond days”;
  • 1977/79 »Most of Diamang’s capital is nationalized, after entry into force of Decrees 61/77 of 24th August, and 255/79 of 11th December;
  • 1978-86 »MATS, a British company service provider, starts directing operations formerly performed by Diamang up to 1975;


  • 1981 »Empresa Nacional de Diamantes de Angola (State Diamonds Company of Angola - ENDIAMA) is established;
  • 1984 »The civil war destroys the whole production circle in the mining area of Cuango;
  • 1988 »Diamang is dissolved upon public deed issued on 17th February.


  • 1990 »PENZ project is created. Along the 90’s, among others, Sociedade Mineira do Cuango, Lda. (Cuango Mining Society) and Sociedade Mineira do Camatchia-Camagico (Camatchia-Camagico Mining Society) are born;
  • 1992 »ENDIAMA and S.P.E form together Sociedade Mineira do Lucapa (Lucapa Mining Society - SML); in this same year Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineiro (Mining Development Society - SDM) and Sociedade Mineira do Chitotolo (Chitolo Mining Society) are established. In the meantime, the Code of Mines (1/92 of 17th January) is enacted;
  • 1993 »Establishment of Sociedade Mineira de CATOCA (Catoca Mining Society);
  • 1994 »On 7th October, the Code of Diamonds (Act 16/94 of 7th October) is published; in the same year the Act On Special Regime of Diamond Reserve Areas (Act 17/94 of 7th October) is also published;
  • 1995 »ENDIAMA ceases to be a State Economic Unit, upon approval of the State Enterprises Act;
  • 1996 »The Code on Tax Regime for the Mining Industry (Decree-Law No. 4-B/96 of 31st May from the Council of Ministers); in the same year, the Customs Procedure Applicable to Mining sector (Decree-law No. 12-B/96 of 24th May from the Council of Ministers) is amended;
  • 1997 »ENDIAMA adopted new Statutes, approved by the Council of Ministers on 25th April 1977. On 16th July, the Program for Stabilization of the Diamond Sector (PROESDA) is implemented;
  • 1998 »UN recommends, in Resolution of 12th July, an embargo to buy diamonds from countries engaged in armed conflict;
  • 1999 »Establishment of Sociedade de Comercialização de Diamantes de Angola SARL (Diamonds Trading Society of Angola - SODIAM) and ASCORP, this last also intended to trade diamonds;


  • 2000 »Beginning of Kimberley Process, an initiative aimed at diamond certification. In this year, Angola sees published Decree-law 7-A/00 of 11th February, by the Council of Ministers, on delimitation of diamond areas granting, and Decree-law 7-B/00 of 11th February, by the Council of Ministers, on diamonds trading;
  • 2003 »Establishment of ENDIAMA Prospecção e Produção (Prospecting and Production); also, in April of the same year, Luarica Project is founded, upon amendment of Decree-law No. 56/03 of 26th August by the Council of Ministers, on Kimberley Process Certification System Code (CPK);
  • 2004 »ENDIAMA Logística Integrada e Trading, SARL (Enditrade) is established; SODIAM International LTD is also founded in Tel Aviv-Israel; SODIAM Antwerp, Belgium is founded; ENDIAMA E.P founds “Fundação Brilhante” (Brilliant Foundation) and thus embraces further its policy on Social Responsibility;
  • 2005 »Establishment of ENDIAMA China International Holding Limited; and the foundation of the first diamond polishing facilities in Angola – Angola Polishing Diamonds SA (APD);
  • 2006 »Foundation of African Diamonds Producers Association (ADPA);
  • 2007 »The Council of Ministers approves the new brand of Endiama E.P.;

2010 till now

  • 2010 »GOLDEN EAGLES AWARD for prestige and Quality 2010, Morocco, Africa;
  • 2012 »The highlights of these years were the foundation of ENDIAMA MINING, THE ARCH OF EUROPE INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AWARD FRANKFURT, and the Start-up and intensification of artisanal diamonds mining activities;


ENDIAMA Presents Annual Report for 2018

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