The Company

ENDIAMA E.P. is the National Prospecting, Mining, Trading and Polishing Company. Established on January 15th 1981, has exclusivity rights for the diamond business in the country.

The Company proceeded Diamang, a joint-venture company, founded in 1917 and operating until 1986, during the Portuguese colonial period in Angola.



Endiama endeavors to be a National and International reference as well as to set the standard for value added to its Customers, Workers, Partners and Communities.



Our Mission is focused in sustainable management within the diamond industry, contributing positively for the progress of Angola.



Our Values are laid on the quest for Excellency, Innovation and Respect for other parties and Communities.



ENDIAMA Presents Annual Report for 2018

The Board of Directors of ENDIAMA EP, held a press conference on tuesday morning the 15th of January, to present to the ...