Mineral Reserves

Angola is one of the countries with the most important mining formations in Africa. Independent from colonial power of Portugal since 1975, the country began to develop awareness toward its diamond wealth in the beginning of the twentieth century.

In fact, the first discovers of diamonds in our country date of 1912, when the first diamond was found in Mussalala creek in Lunda-North province.

From this period on began an important work history:

In the 90’s, efforts were made to reinforce the capacity of state-created companies began in the fields of prospecting, production polishing and trading.

Indeed, the diamonds sub-sector benefited from attractive legal framework to make that endeavor happen. The Government of Angola began progressively creating a legal framework, namely with the Relaunch Strategy for the Diamond Sub-sector, the Integrated Program of Fight
Against Diamond Smuggling, the New Act on Private Investment and the formal implementation policy for new mining projects.

This effort is based on a tangible local reality: the diamond resources are wide spread throughout the country, due to the fact that merely 40% of our mining potential received detailed prospecting. Regarding this surveyed area, the information gathered indicates the existence of nearly 1000 kimberlite formations, and 195 mining prospecting permits were granted.


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