Requirements and Procedures

Requirements and Procedures for investors

In order to become a partner of ENDIAMA E.P companies only have to ensure:

  • Proof of suitability of the investors (moral ability, a type of test to determine suitability);
  • Proof of funding obtained;
  • Presentation of a bank guarantee issued by an international, first-class bank;

Granting a Concession Process

For an investment in a diamond concession to be carried out the following steps need to be followed:

Steps for the Process

Step 1. Send a Letter of Intent to the President of Endiama EP
Step 2. Present the following documents: - Company profile – Financial Statements of the Company from the previous two years – Document proving technical and financial capacity
Step 3. The Direcção de Investimento e Assuntos Juridicos - DIAJ (Investment and Law Directorate) will issue its opinion regarding the financial capacity of the potential investor
Step 4. Opinion of the Direcção de Geologia e Desenvolvimento Mineiro - DGDM (Geology and Mining Development Directorate) regarding technical sustainability
Step 5. Check the geologic information of DGDM and visit the concession area.

After the potential investor goes through the first 5 stages successfully, the steps that follow are these:

Para Concessões Aluviais

Step 6. Minimum investment value of USD $5 million
Step 7. Prepare a file for DGDM that will forward the process to the Departamento de Análise Jurídica - DAJ (Legal Analysis Department).
Step 8. Negotiation and joint-venture agreement with Endiama EP
Step 9. Deposit USD $ 500,000 as a guarantee
Step 10. Sign a prospection and constitution contract of the joint-venture
Step 11. Approval on the part of the Ministério de Geologia e Minas - MGM (Geology and Mining Ministry)
Step 12. Incorporation and publication in the Diário da República

For Kimberlite concessions

Step 6. Minimum investment value USD $ 10 million
Step 7. Sign a Letter of Intent
Step 8. Deposit USD $ 1.2 million as a guarantee
Step 9. The process is forwarded to the Council of Ministers through MGM
Step 10. Approval by the Council of Ministers and issuing of a Certificate
Step 11. The Certificate is sent to Endiama EP through the Ministry of Geology and Mining
Step 12. Sign a prospection and constitution contract of the joint-venture
Step 13. Constitution and publication in the Diário da República

Guarantees to the Investor

a) Constitution of Business Company in the Prospection stage;
b) Complete reimbursement of the investment from the exploitation revenue and in the case of foreign investment, the right to the repatriation of the capital;
c) Right to the exploitation of the mines discovered in the prospection stage;
d) Possibility of solving lawsuits through courts of arbitration.

Duties of the Investor

a) Carry out investment at own risk;
b) Transfer know-how to national workers;
c) Carry out environmental impact study


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