Environmental Protection

Sustainble DevelopmentThe Company stands for Social support through Fundação Brilhante, the corporate social face, Clínica Sagrada Esperança for health, and Grupo Desportivo Sagrada Esperança da Lunda Norte for sports. 

ENDIAMA E.P, enjoying its statute as State company, undertakes regulatory action incorporating a set of environmental principles in the agreements signed with national and foreign partners engaged in mining projects: Likewise, it also monitors mining activities, with due regard for sustainable exploitation, through a specialized department created in Holding, engaged in the following: 

  • Reforestation of explored sites, planting trees, gardens, Jatropha (plant considered of vital importance for environmental protection and as biofuel), mitigation of dust and noise levels;
  • Creating dams for water drainage, and awareness on cleaning in mining projects;
  • Preservation of ecosystems in mining sites with diagnosis from a panel of professionals, followed by excavation and river course diversion preventing resulting damages.
  • Engagement and conduction of exclusive Seminars focused on environment within traditional diamonds exploitation areas and project surrounding areas, resulting as additional instruments to the principles undertaken by the company.


ENDIAMA Presents Annual Report for 2018

The Board of Directors of ENDIAMA EP, held a press conference on tuesday morning the 15th of January, to present to the ...