Group Activities

Group ActivitiesAs a mining company, ENDIAMA E.P, is mainly focused on the following diamond related activities, such as prospecting, search, recognition, exploration, trading and polishing:

a) Prospecting, Search and Recognition

The state of knowledge on the country’s mining resources, including diamonds, is still incipient, representing merely 40% of national soil.

Notwithstanding, 108 diamond projects are being promoted, 7 of which in the stage of negotiation, 11 already approved but still seeking market investors, and 17 kimberlites and 14 alluvium prospecting projects are undergoing operation.

b) Exploration

The following production projects are in full operation:

- SMC - Catoca Mining Society; SM - Chitotolo Chitotolo Mining Society; SMCC - Camatchia Camagico (Luô) Mining Society; SMK - Cuango Mining Society; Luminas - Luremo Mining Society; - Project – Chimbongo; - Project - Cassanguindi.; - Project - Luana Mine; - Project - Canvuri Mine; Project – Camútwe Mine; - Project - Luxinge Mine

Group Activities


Status in Angola

Angola was the first country to introduce a certificate of origin system for exportation of its diamonds. The purpose was to make possible certifying that diamonds do not come from conflict areas, as opposed to the former system, fully open.

Since December 2003, a special task force for diamonds monitoring and security, Corpo Especial de Fiscalização e Segurança de Diamantes (CSD), has an ample mandate ranging from smuggling issues to conformity with the Kimberly Process, thus assuming a vital role within the diamonds area.


ENDIAMA Presents Annual Report for 2018

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