Brilliant Foundation - The Social Face

Brilliant FoundationSocial responsibility is one of the values ENDIAMA EP strives to achieve. The company endeavors to translate economical and financial prosperity into development for the local communities.

For that purpose, ENDIAMA EP established in 2004 an institution specialized in social concerns, FUNDAÇÃO BRILHANTE which became the unifying and functional centre of all its corporate responsibility activities, gathering the company’s synergies and its partners to join social and cultural causes.

Founded as a unique channel towards social and cultural supporting from its members, the Foundation congregates under the same fund, efforts and income from all companies of the diamond mining sector.

As a regulatory authority and State representative, ENDIAMA E.P undertakes compliance of environmental protection policies and sustainable exploitation of diamond reserves, promoting social investment growth, valuing Angolan professionals and regulating the diamond exploitation industry.

As a shareholder, ENDIAMA E.P. invests part of its dividends, held in mining companies, such as CATOCA, CHITOLOLO, LUMINAS and CUANGO, in assets for social investment, the same procedure used by its foreign partners in the mentioned companies.

This Foundation has an integrating spirit - all companies undertaking in the diamond mining field in Angola are welcome to join it, many of which as curator member, conferring the right to define the management policies of the Foundation..  

Brilliant Foundation
Rua Rainha Ginga nº 74, 6º
Edifício da Hyunday

Phone: 222392778
Fax: 222372822/371769

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Endiama´s New Board of Directors appointed

On November 1, 2017, the President of the Republic, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, exonerated the members of the Board ...

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Sworn In: The New Board of Directors

ENDIAMA´s new Board of Directors sworn in today, November 3 of 2017, at the Presidential Palace in Luanda

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Demba Chio: The inauguration of a new school complex

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Odebrecht sells stakes in Catoca Mine

The Catoca Mining Company announced the authorization of Odebrechet’s sale of its 16.4% stake in the mine.

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The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and ENDIAMA signed, on Thursday, 20th of July, at the Miraflores ...

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On Friday, approximately five hundred children of the ENDIAMA Group and Mining projects workers celebrated the African ...

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ENDIAMA and ALROSA sign contact

This Tuesday, at Endiama Headquarters in Luanda, ENDIAMA and ALROSA signed the agreements for Luaxe Kimberlite.

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KP Intersession meeting marked with heated debates

The official opening of the intersessional meeting of the Kimberley Process aiming to reform the organization´s ...

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VI Advisory Council of the Ministry of Geology and Mines

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CAT-E 42 Kimberlite Launched

CAT E 42 is a kimberlite diamond mine, which is about 7 km from the Catoca mine, and it was launched yesterday, April ...

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ENDIAMA CELEBRATES International Women's Day

Engineer António Carlos Sumbula (CEO), paid a tribute to all ENDIAMA´s women to mark International Women's Day, hosted ...

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Another record set by Lulo Project

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Sagrada Esperança shines

The only Angolan survivor team in the qualifications for the African Confederation Cup 2016, Sagrada Esperança won this ...

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Tchegi Project launched

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ENDIAMA E.P, unveiled yesterday, in Luanda, the largest diamond ever discovered in Angola. The nearly flawless 404, 2 ...

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Sagrada Esperança Football Team was founded in the mid-70s, shortly after Angola gained independence, winner of the ...

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Palacio de Ferro: The majestic reopening

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Fundação Brilhante brings hope to Quiçama

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New Year ENDIAMA´s Board of Directors Message

Endiama’s 2015 annual review was held on December 18 th at the company’s headquarters’ auditorium.

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Endiama sponsors Jujitsu’s champion

In four years of career, 93 victories, a total of 106 fights, at 18 years old, those significant numbers tell the story ...

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Luaxe Kimberlite plans to increase production

Endiama in partnership with the Russian company Alrosa announced the remarkable discovery of “Luaxe Kimberlite”, ...


Endiama conquers new makets

Reinforcing its strategy of world-wide marketing, the company conquered the Tel Aviv, Antwerp and Hong Kong markets.

Chairman's Message

Competence, Discipline, Transparency and Social Retribuition are some of the mainstays supporting our development, which has been registering its biggest growth in the past years of our history.