MiningThe Company is engaged in prospecting, research and exploitation of diamonds through its subsidiary, ENDIAMA MINING, established in April 2012. Still on the mining activity, ENDIAMA E.P formed in the 90’s and 2000’s joint-ventures with the world’s major mining companies, particularly: Alrosa, De Beers, Escom Mining and Odebrecht, exploiting productive mines in partnership.

The foundation of ENDIAMA MINING intends to thrust the national diamond into a major role on the bright future perspectives for the mining sector.

Currently, as the Company extends its mining activity throughout Angola, it is also broadening its network of partnerships.

ENDIAMA’s major challenge relates to extending the kimberlite fields of Angola and legalization of artisanal diamonds production. Angola has over 600 known kimberlite pipes, of which only a few are confirmed has being rich in diamonds and commercially viable. Currently, only 0.66 km2 Catoca pipe in Lunda Sul is being commercially explored, representing about 80% of the official production of the country. Catoca Mine in Angola is the world’s fourth largest kimberlite pit.

MiningKimberlites represent the biggest unexploited diamond resource, but war hindered large capital investment to it’s developments. For that reason, the official mining sector in Angola is dominated by companies exploiting secondary floodplain reserves.

It is widely accepted that Angola may have some of the best kimberlite reserves and floodplain diamonds worldwide. To that end, surveys are being carried out to correlate those alluviums with their original kimberlites (feasibility degree of 30%), in order to extend the kimberlite fields of Angola, producing:

  • Detailed 1:10 000 - 1:25 000 scale geophysical charts of surveyed diamond concessions;
  • 1:100 000 – 1:200 000 mineralogical charts of surveyed diamond concessions. Based on the results of diamond sampling crystal morphology surveys by 13 evidence groups, using the following methods:

    - Laser tomography;
    - Absorption Spectrophotometry of diamonds in infra-red and ultraviolet bands.

Analysts forecast that annual diamonds production in Angola may be over 10 million carats in the next years since more diamond mines will be commercially explored..

Endiama Mining
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Luanda - Angola

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