ENDITRADE - Transport and Logistics

ENDIAMA established in 2004 a specialized subsidiary, ENDITRADE – Logística Integrada & Trading, SARL, fully oriented towards assets trading and quality services along the whole logistics value chain.

ENDITRADE was born out of the need to unify the transport and logistics business of ENDIAMA E.P., which held in the previous year small companies such as Transnordeste and Transdiama.


EnditradeSince its foundation, ENDITRADE has seek to overcome a drawback related with the organization of its mother company (ENDIAMA E.P), owing to the fact that ENDIAMA E.P is the majority shareholder in all diamond companies, and thus requiring to provide different logistics structures for each and all of them, would result in proportional loss of dividends for the company.

Therefore, the foundation of ENDITRADE reached strategic targets, among others, concentration of logistics in a specific and specialized unit able to provide logistic support services for projects and companies engaged in diamond exploitation (and others as well), allowing them to fully focus its potential of physical and intellectual strength in their businesses.
It’s strategic goal is to become the country’s best logistic services provider..


logist.jpgAENDITRADE – Logística Integrada & Trading, a company entirely held by ENDIAMA Group, acts mainly in the following:

- Wholesale and retail trade services, Industry, IT, Telecommunications, Mechanical Engineering Industry, Truck-Haulage, Hotels and Tourism; Fisheries, Agriculture, Civil Works, Public Works, Services, Management Solutions, Import & Export.


ENDITRADE offers competitive alternative solutions with a strong presence in 6 important provinces (Luanda, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Benguela, Malange and Moxico). Operating a 120 trucks fleet through consortiums established with Angolan truck-hauling companies, ENDITRADE aims to achieve the following targets:

1. Reduce operational costs with fuel and fluids supplying for the mining sector;

2. Improve offer with a wide range of service and technical assistance for machinery and equipment;

3. Help its clients offering integrated logistic solutions;

4. Participate as a local economy boosting agent and creating employment in the mining areas.

Rua Rainha Ginga nº 74, 3º
Edifício Hyundai
CP: 1247
Luanda - Angola

Phone: +244 222 393 899 / +244 222 393 999
Fax: +244 222 391 496


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