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The Diamond Subsector has a total of 11,035 employees of which 4.1% (368) are assigned to ENDIAMA.

The ENDIAMA group integrates Fundação Brilhante, Clínica Sagrada Esperança, Alfa 5, Enditrade, Hotel Diamante de Luanda and Dundo and the Grupo Desportivo Sagrada Esperança.

The Clínica SE is the largest employer in the group, the Hotel do Dundo is the one with the least employees.

Of the total 368 ENDIAMA head office staff, 225 are male and 143 are female, thus establishing a percentage of 61% and 39% male and female respectively.

ENDIAMA has 89 basic employees, 99 middle technicians, 145 senior technicians.

The main professions in ENDIAMA are Mine Engineers and Geologists.

As of December 2019, the oldest worker is 74 and the youngest is 23.

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Figure 1 - Arrival of ENDIAMA grantees in Armenia
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Figure 2 - Departure of grantees to Armenia


ENDIAMA has a specific area of professional training that works for employees to improve their performance.

This improvement translates into an increase in the quality of the services provided, which is reflected positively in the general level of satisfaction of all stakeholders, which consequently leads to an increase in productivity.

On average 16 training courses are held, covering about 30% of the employees per year.

The most common courses are in the area of geology and behavioural training, but all sectors of work are covered by an annual training plan.

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Figure 3 - ENDIAMA E.P. Osvaldo Van-dúnem, Administrator for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, was present at the award ceremony of ENDIAMA's Diplomas for grantees in Russia.
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Figure 4 - Family photo, Administrator Osvaldo Van-Dúnem to his right the Director for Human Resources Alcina Livulo posed with the scholarship holders for ENDIAMA in Russia and Members of the Faculty


ENDIAMA currently has 78 grantees distributed in the following countries: Angola, Russia, Portugal, England, Zimbabwe and Armenia.

The attribution of scholarships is defined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the following criteria:

Common requirements for the acceptance of workers' applications
(a) hold Angolan nationality
b) To have a legal-labour link with the Company
(c) have a good academic record
d) Maintain acceptable social conduct
(e) To opt for training courses and specialities that correspond or are related to the work activity developed in the Company and are considered of interest to ENDIAMA, EP. Specific requirements for the acceptance of applications from Workers
Specific requirements for the acceptance of workers' applications
To Middle Level:
a) not more than 20 years of age
b) Completion of grade 9 or equivalent.

To Higher Level:
a) not more than 25 years of age
b) Completion of grade 13 or equivalent.

a) Not more than 50 years of age
b) Graduation.
Common requirements for accepting applications from non-workers
(a) Hold Angolan nationality
(b) Have a good academic record
(c) Present acceptable social conduct
d) To accept the courses proposed by the Company.
Specific requirements for accepting applications from non-workers To Middle Level:
To Middle Level:
a) not more than 14 years of age
b) Completion of grade 9 or equivalent Superior level

To Higher Level:
a) age not exceeding 18 years
b) Completion of grade 13 or equivalent.
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Figure 5 - Journalists from TPA and RNA during the meeting of ENDIAMA and Journalists
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Figure 6 - Meeting between ENDIAMA and Journalists from the Mining Zones


ENDIAMA officials regularly participate in different national and international events. Such participations allow the exchange of experiences with other companies and institutions linked to the diamond sector as well as learning through the benchmark.

The national meetings include the following:

Meeting with journalists from the diamond zones – took place on 15 March 2019 in Dundo City, Lunda-Norte province. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship between the company and the mass media; to present the balance sheet of the first meeting; to discuss and define the contents, date and place of training for journalists; to clarify the programmes/projects to be financed by ENDIAMA.

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Figure 7 - Visit of the Provincial Governor of Malanje to the ENDIAMA stand during the International Fair of Malanje.
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Figure 8 - ENDIAMA technicians present at the Malanje Fair
Expo Malanje

Expo-Malanje – Held from 2 to 5 May 2019, in the city of Malanje, ENDIAMA participated in a unique stand with the Catoca and Cuango Mining Companies and the social face of ENDIAMA, Fundação Brilhante. In this event, ENDIAMA was recognized with the Honourable Mention for its high contribution to the 1st edition of the International Fair of Malanje.

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Figure 9 - Training session for Journalists from the Mining Zones, held in Dundo, Lunda-Norte
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Figure 10 - Ceremony for the delivery of certificates to Journalists from Mining Zones Slide image

The training called “Diamond Information Management” took place from 21 to 24 May in the city of Dundo, Lunda Norte province. The training, aimed at journalists from the diamond zones, namely TPA, RNA, ANGOP and Jornal de Angola, delegates and technicians from the GMCE of ENDIAMA E.P., was aimed at providing trainees with the capacity to lead and manage information on the diamond sector more effectively.

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Figure 11 - Second edition of the ENDIAMA Communication Days, held in Catoca, Lunda-Sul
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Figure 12 - Technicians from Endiama Group companies and Associates, during the Communication Days

Communication days – the second edition was held from 30 October to 01 November 2019 at the Catoca Training Centre in Saurimo City. Representatives of several companies of the group and journalists attended. The theme of these days was “Catoca’s experience in Social Responsibility” and it allowed to visit social projects supported by that mining company and to reap its great experience.

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Figure 13 - Representatives of the cooperatives during the 1st meeting of the Cooperatives, held at CCTA, Luanda.
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Figure 14 - Participation of the Government delegation at the co- operative meeting.

1st meeting on the semi-industrial diamond mining activity in Angola – held on 18 November in the CCTA tent in Luanda, which aimed to analyse the constraints of the semi-industrial diamond mining activity, the meeting also served to take stock of the above-mentioned activity and strengthen the mastery of information on the sector’s commitments, having brought together representatives from the provinces of Lunda-Norte, Lunda-Sul, Bié, Kwanza-Sul, Malanje and Uíge.

Currently the whole country has 246 cooperatives licensed by the government.

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Figure 15 - Presentation of a model of the Diamond Cutting Plant Pole to the President of the Republic.
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Figure 16 - ENDIAMA's PCA intervention, at AMC 2019, held in Luanda, CCTA.
Angola Mining Conference

Angola Mining Conference – was held on 20 and 21 November 2019 at the CCTA, the event also designated as the 1st International Conference and Exhibition on the Mining Sector, with the motto Promoting the potential of the mining sector through national and foreign investment, where ENDIAMA participated with the main objective of presenting the figures resulting from mining activity of 8 (eight) projects to attract investment and provide visitors with a trip inside a mine.

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Figure 17 - Photographic exhibition.
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Figure 18 - Photographic exhibition.
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Figure 19 - Photographic exhibition.
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Figure 20 - Photographic exhibition.
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Figure 21 - Photographic exhibition.
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Figure 22 - Photographic exhibition.

Alluding to the launch of the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations, ENDIAMA held a photographic exhibition, aimed at providing a virtual journey into the past through photographs.

The exhibition portrays the good times that have marked the company since its transformation from DIAMANG to ENDIAMA, having also archived for future generations, the history that began in 1981 and up to the present context, through images and photographic records.

The objectives of this exhibition were the following:

Mark the historical reference of Endiama through photography, from 1981 to 2019;

Identify the values of the company and rescue for posterity of the current generation the historical references of ENDIAMA.

The exhibition, which lasted just over a week, took place on the ground and 1st floors of ENDIAMA’s headquarters building and included photos of former managers (PCA’s), workers, ENDIAMA’s anniversary, social actions taken by the company, activities carried out by Clínica Sagrada Esperança and the Clube Desportivo Sagrada Esperança.

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The ENDIAMA 39th Anniversary Gala is the celebration that gathered more than 300 people among workers, Endiama group companies workers, government entities and other invited individuals.

The event took place on 15 January 2020 at the Complexo Hoteleiro da ENDIAMA (CHE) and was the culmination of the activities that marked the week of values, as part of the extended programme of 40 years of ENDIAMA, to be celebrated next year 2021.

In addition to the celebration, there was also a time for a draw, which gave gifts to the workers who had made the right choice.


ENDIAMA participated in different international events:


Mining Indaba – which took place from 04 to 07 February 2019, in Cape Town – South Africa. The Angolan Delegation was composed by MIREMPET, Sodiam, Ferrangol, IGEO and ENDIAMA and was headed by the minister of guardianship. In this event the management of logistical issues and the management of the stand was the responsibility of ENDIAMA.

Kimberley Process intercession meeting – held from 17 to 21 June in Mumbai, India, the Angolan delegation was composed of the PK commission, ENDIAMA, and senior staff from the Catoca, Cuango and Chitotolo mining projects. The Angolan Delegation was led by the National Coordinator of the Kimberley Process, Paulo Mvika. On the fringes of the event, ENDIAMA and the mining projects held several meetings with potential investors.

Africa Down Under – was held from 4th to 6th September 2019 in Perth, Australia. The Angolan delegation was composed by MIREMPET, Sodiam and ENDIAMA, was headed by the Secretary of State for Geology and Mines.

Road Show Public Tendering – held between 27 August and 30 September 5 (five) technical presentations in 5 countries (Angola, United Arab Emirates, China, England and the United States of America). MIREMPET was the promoting and coordinating entity and the delegation was composed of 4 institutions namely MIREMPET, ENDIAMA, IGEO AND FERRANGOL.

Mines and Money London – took place in London, UK from 25th to 28th November. This event was jointly attended by ENDIAMA and the Catoca, Cuango and Chitotolo mining companies. The management of logistics issues and  stand was under the responsibility of ENDIAMA, the idea of joint participation and the creation of a unique identity called “Angola’s Diamond Potential” was from ENDIAMA, a model that will be adapted in future forums and events.