People and Stories

At ENDIAMA the workers’ journey has space, where each one shares their trajectory, challenges and expectations as workers.

Trajectory of Isabel Dolorosa

Isabel Dolorosa joined ENDIAMA E.P. in November 1989, trained in Human Resource Management. She started working at ENDIAMA E.P. as a Transport Secretary, she also worked as a Flight Assistant before being assigned to the Human Resources Department.She then started working as a Secretary in the Administrative area of the Human Resources Department where she benefited from various professional courses. She currently works as the Chief of the Personnel Management Department.

Trajectory of Sebastiana Silva

Sebastiana Silva joined ENDIAMA in 1990, in the Department of Transit Warehouses DAT where she worked until 2004. From 2006 to 2015 she worked at ENDITRADE. During this time in the company Sebastiana Silva had the opportunity to do a few courses namely: Computing and Executive Secretarial. She is currently working at ENDIAMA’s head office building since 2015.

Trajectory of Augusto Francisco

Augusto Francisco joined ENDIAMA in 1983 as a telecommunications operator, six years later in 1989 he was transferred to the Human Resources area where he worked for two years, after his passage in the various departments, with the experience acquired in these areas, in the 1990s he was transferred to the Delegation of ENDIAMA in Dundo, Lunda-Norte, where he currently works in the General Services Department.

Trajectory of Angela dos Santos

Ângela dos Santos started working at ENDIAMA in 1997, as a cook at the ENDIAMA Children’s Center. A few years later the Center closed, which led Ângela to stay at home as an unchallenged worker.

In 2000, the company reinstated her after having worked as a maid in the house of some of the company’s directors, then she was transferred to the Hotel Diamante where she worked for over two years.

Ângela is currently at ENDIAMA Headquarters where she performs her duties for the General Services Department as waitress.

Trajectory of Carmen Escrivão

Carmen Escrivão has been working at ENDIAMA for 19 years, started working in Public Relations, then was transferred as secretary of the Board of Directors where she worked for a little over eight years.

After applying for another internal available position, she moved to HRD as an organizational psychologist, and was later appointed Head of the Policy, Evaluation and Training Department, where she stayed for six years.

Trajectory of Domingas João

Domingas João was admitted to ENDIAMA 28 years ago, having started in Luzamba, Lunda-Norte, as a metrology and traffic technician, later moved to ENDIAMA Headquarters in Luanda where after having done the training in the area, she was placed in the Office of Information Technologies (GTI) as a CCTV technician, a function she performs to this day.

Trajectory of José Lorenço

José Lourenço joined the company in 1971, at the time of DIAMANG. Later, due to the political-military situation at the time, he stopped working and went into the army.

After the army, in 1993 he was reinstated in the company, where he started working as an archivist and file clerk in the company’s material warehouses, and later he passed as a statistician in the Auto Transport Office.

He is currently at the ENDIAMA Delegation in N’zaji, Lunda-Norte, where he has held many positions, namely:  Head of the Industrial Security and Surveillance Department, Inspector of the Security Operations Surveillance Area.

Trajectory of Josefa Pedro

Josefa Pedro was admitted to ENDIAMA in 1991, in the current Public Relations area, where she worked for six years and then was transferred to the purchasing area in Economato.

Currently she is allocated in the Human Resources Directorate, in the Department of Social Development, as a technician.

Nadine Ramos' Trajectory

Ezra Nadine Ramos joined ENDIAMA in 2008 as a trainee, after the probationary period she was placed as a staff member of the Planning and Finance Department.

Nadine Ramos is currently working in the Accounting area of the Finance Department.

Eunice Esteves' Trajectory

Eunice Esteves was admitted to ENDIAMA in 1988, began her duties in the Office of Studies and Planning, having being through several areas, of which with the Director of the Directorate of Finance, having accumulated for a time the Directorate of Human Resources.

She is currently placed in the Directorate of Participations, where she has given continuity of her functions.

Maria Luísa Restina's Trajectory

Maria Luisa Restina, a technique assigned to the General Services Department of ENDIAMA since September 1988, began her career at Clínica Sagrada Esperança. In 1989 she worked at the ENDIAMA Children’s Center until the year 2007. Then she was transferred to the home of one of the PCAs and remained there for a period of 15 years. From 2017 she was called to ENDIAMA’s headquarters where she worked in the canopy for one year and then was appointed supervisor of the general services of the building until this date.

Trajectory of Luzia Mateus

She joined the company in 1983 as a trainee, in the then support services area, as a second-class clerk, in the general services department, for a period of one month, then moved to the Administrator’s office for accounting and finance, as a second-class secretary and then as a first-class secretary.

She has taken several courses within the company and abroad, aiming to improve her commitment to the tasks entrusted to her.

She is currently secretary of the Security Office, assigned to the National Diamond Company of Angola, ENDIAMA.

Gaspar Cardoso's Trajectory

At ENDIAMA we create trajectory and we polish people:

Gaspar Cardoso, started his activities as a mining policeman, graduated in Capolo as a military officer, and became a Diamond escort.

In 1990 he joined ENDIAMA as a courier, a position he held for approximately 10 years. After receiving training in archive management, he was referred to the Human Resources Directorate, where he worked as a technician in the Personnel Management Department.

Trajectory of Maria do Céu

Maria do Céu Carlos Agostinho, a technician at ENDIAMA’s Finance Department, started her activities as a student worker in the early 90’s, passing through the areas of logistics in Luanda and the construction sector.

Trajectory of Medina João

Medina João, Geophysicist by profession, ENDIAMA’s staff assigned to the Directorate of Geology and Mining Development since July 15th , 2003 began his activities as a trainee in the CATOCA Mining Society