Brief History

The history of diamond prospecting and exploration activity of ENDIAMA E.P. is a secular trajectory that began in northeastern Angola and is linked to the beginning of diamond exploration in Africa, a trajectory that began in the 16th century.
1590 - First recorded diamond occurrences in the country
1907 - Discovery of diamonds in the territory of the former Belgian Congo increases certainties about precious crystal occurrences south of the Kassai and Tchicapa river basins 1909- Discovered in Angola, crystals, classified as diamonds, by Narcise Janot
THE 1910s
1912 -In 1912 the evidence of diamonds in the country increased, with the discovery of seven diamonds in the Mussalala stream, tributary of the river Tchiumbe in the Lunda regions, diamonds that were found by Mr. Jonhston and Mac Vey two geologists linked to the company "Forminiére". On September 4th the Companhia de Pesquisa Mineira de Angola (PEMA) was founded; / beginning of mining operations 1913 - Granting of mining rights to PEMA 1917 - Emergence on 16 October 1917 of Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (DIAMANG), a mixed capital company of financial groups from Portugal, Belgium, United States of America, United Kingdom and South Africa and on June 6th of that year 1918 - All mining rights from PEMA transferred to DIAMANG
THE 1920s
1920 -Exclusive contract for diamond exploration and prospection
THE 1930s
1937 - Beginning of the process of mechanization of the diamond industry in Angola
THE 1950s
1952 - Discovery of the first Kimberlite in Angola, the Camafuca-Kamazambo 1955 - Discovery of rich diamond deposits on the Cuango River 1958 - The kimberlito Camutué is Discovered
THE 1970s
1970 - CODIAMA is created between DIAMANG and De Beers Consolidated 1973 - 196 primary sources of diamonds were discovered in the country, constituting a golden period of discoveries 1977/9 - Most of DIAMANG’s capital is nationalized 1978/86 - MATS (British company) conducts, from now on, the operations carried out by DIAMANG, until 1975, in the form of services
THE 1980s
1981 - Creation of the National Diamond Company of Angola (ENDIAMA) on January 15th , 1981 1984 - As a consequence of the fratricidal war, the production circuit in the Cuango mining area is totally destroyed 1988 - DIAMANG is dissolved
THE 1990s
1990 -PENZ project is created. During the 90's the Sociedade Mineira do Cuango, Lda and the Sociedade Mineira do Camatchia-Camagico were born, among others. 1992 - The Sociedade Mineira do Lucapa (SML) is created between ENDIAMA and S.P.E. The Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineiro (SDM) and the Sociedade Mineira do Chitotolo (Chitotolo Mining Society). The Mining Law is published 1993 - Constitution of the Sociedade Mineira de Catoca 1994 - The Diamond Law and the Law on the Special Regime of Diamond Reserve Zones is published 1995 - ENDIAMA ceases to be a State Economic Unit with the approval of the Public Enterprise Law and has its new statutes approved by the Council of Ministers 1996 - The Regulation of the Tax Regime for the Mining Industry is published and the Customs Regime Applicable to the Mining Sector is edited 1997 - The Diamond Stabilisation Programme (PROESDA) is established 1998 - UN recommends embargo on purchase of diamonds from countries in armed conflict 1999 - Creation of Sociedade de Comercialização de Diamantes de Angola (Sociedade de Comercialização de Diamantes de Angola SARL - SODIAM) and ASCORP
THE 2000s
2000 - Introduced the Kimberley Process and published the Council of Ministers' Decree Law 7-A/00 of 11 February on the delimitation of diamond concession areas; Decree Law 7-B/00 on the marketing of diamonds and issued Decree Law 56/03 of 26 August on the Regulation of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (Certificação do Processo de Kimberley - CPK). Endiama Mining Constitution 2002 - The South African company Transex started mining operations in the former project Fucaúma and Luarica 2003 - ENDIAMA Prospection and Production was created. The Luarica Project was inaugurated and the Decree Law on the Regulation of the Kimberley Process Certification System (CPK) was issued. 2004 - Creation of the Fundação Brilhante (Bright Foundation) to support the social area. Inauguration of SODIAM Antwerp in Belgium. Opening, in Israel, of SODIAM International, LTD Establishment of ENDIAMA Integrated Logistics and Trading, SARL. 2005 Endiama China International Holding Limited is formed Establishment of the first polishing factory in Angola (Angola Polishing Diamonds S.A. (APD) Formation of AIR Diamonds de Angola (ADA) 2006 - Signs of the beginning of the financial economic crisis 2007/10 2007/10 - The global financial crisis is in place
THE 2010s
2010 - International Award (GOLDEN EAGLES AWARD) for prestige and Quality Africa 2010 Morocco 2011 - Decree Law on the approval of the Mining Code Law 2012 - Endiama Mining Constitution 2012/2013 - Commemorations alluding to 100 years of diamond mining in Angola 2013 - Angola elected Vice-President of the Kimberley Process 2015 - Angola assumed the presidency of the Kimberley Process 2015 - Discovery of the Kimberlite Luaxe 2016 - Discovery of the largest diamond mined at Lulo mine with 404.2 carats 2017 - Inauguration of Kimberlite CAT-E 42 2019 - Approval of the new diamond trading law.