About us

ENDIAMA-E.P - Board of Directors

José Manuel A. Ganga Júnior

Chairman of ENDIAMA E.P. Board of Directors.

Ana Maria Feijó

Executive Board Member for Legal Affairs and Social Responsibility,

Laureano Receado Paulo

Executive Board Member for Marketing and Sales Security, Strategic Planning, Investments, and New Businesses.

Domingos Margarida

Executive Board Member for Mining Operations (secondary), Administration and Human Resources.

Teófilo Chifunga

Executive Board Member for Geology

ENDIAMA – E.P, is a Public company dedicated to the exercise of Prospecting, Recognition, Exploration, Cutting and Marketing of diamonds, created on January 15th, 1981, as the exclusive concessionaire of mining rights in the diamond field.

The Company, is the successor of DIAMAMG, a mixed capital company that operated from 1917 to 1986. The Company also operates in seven distinct areas: Mining, Transport and Logistics, Health, Security, Social Responsibility and Sports.