Welcome to ENDIAMA

ENDIAMA E.P., founded on 15 January 1981, is a national company dedicated to the prospecting, exploration and marketing of diamonds. It operates in the national territory as exclusive operator and concessionaire in the management of the diamond sub-sector value chain.

As an Angolan public company, ENDIAMA experiences the same climate of transparency and reform as the rest of our country. The focal points of reforms in Angola’s diamond sector are oriented towards the initiation of new prospecting projects, the implementation of the new diamond trading policy, the development of infrastructure projects, as well as the energy and agricultural industries that support mining.

With a total of 500 workers of which 39% are female and 61% male, ENDIAMA’s

Board of Directors has established as the center of its strategy the investment in human capital through the implementation of a permanent training and qualification program in order to meet the company’s needs and challenges.

The Board of Directors has carried out a number of reforms including a new strategic plan to relaunch own production, greater monitoring of mining and non- mining companies and the strengthening of activities with communities.

On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, I invite you to learn more about ENDIAMA by visiting this website.

Well done!




To be the Reference Company in Angola recognized at international level. To be an example in creating value for Customers, Employees, Partners and Communities.



It focuses on sustainable management of the diamond sector, contributing decisively to Angola's progress.



They are based on the pursuit of Excellence, Innovation and Respect for others and for Communities.


Our Commitments:

✓ Strengthening geological knowledge about diamond potential
✓ Realising the potential of mining operations
✓ Refocus ENDIAMA on nuclear business
✓ Revitalise ENDIAMA internally
✓ Reaffirm the social responsibility of the sub-sector on the basis of sustainable programmes to support the communities surrounding mining projects.