Relationship with communities

Natal Mineiro is one of the places where ENDIAMA seeks to maintain annually the relationship with the communities, inspired by the company’s values, namely the search for excellence, innovation and respect for others.

The aim of the campaign is to relate the activity of ENDIAMA, and its involved companies in the community life, promoting local culture, habits, customs and gastronomy. The Natal Mineiro (Mining  Christmas) closes the idea of the ENDIAMA family, bringing together the miners and the communities.

In the year 2018 the Natal Mineiro had the presence of five caravans that                         were        present in five different locations:

  • Caravan 1 – Saurimo (Luaxe) – Ngando District
  • Caravan 2 – Lulo (Xamiquelengue) – Escola 17 de Dezembro, Bairro Xamiquelengue
  • Caravan 3 – Lucapa (Luó) – April 4 School, Bairro Unidos
  • Caravan 4 – Cambulo – Centro Urbano N´zagi, N’zagi Village
  • Caravan 5 – Cuango – Kimbo-Lange School

In the year 2019 the Mineiro Christmas also counted with the presence of five caravans in cinco localidades:

  • Caravan 1 – Cuango (Quimbulaji) – Bairro Quimbulagi
  • Caravan 2 – Somiluana (Cachinacaji) – Bairro Cachinacaji
  • Caravan 3 – Luaximo – School Complex 54, Centro Urbano de Lucapa
  • Caravan 4 – Uari (Cambanji) – Escola do Cachinacagi, Bairro Cachinacagi
  • Caravan 5 – Luaxe (Cuaxita Muandoji) – Cuaxita Muandoji