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Museu do Dundo

The Museum, is located in Lunda-Norte and it was created in 1936 by the then Angola/DIAMANG diamond company, and was the first institution of its kind created in Angola, for the dissemination of Lunda Tchokwe History.

The museum has an ethnographic collection of the geographical area of Lunda and the neighbors predominating objects of the Côkwe group. The museum’s collection consists of sculptures, masks, mats, elaborated with traditional techniques, styles and raw materials among others. The institution receives more than five thousand visitors annually among scientific and student institutions.

More than 700 pieces are exhibited to the public for the promotion of cultural tourism, one of the most that make up the collection, composed of masks, craft and industrial articles. Among the compartments, there is also a room of ENDIAMA, where diamond exploration materials are exhibited.

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Palácio de Ferro

Iron Palace, is a historical building of Luanda, built in 1890, which is believed to be by Gustave Eiffel.

The space, with one floor and three exhibition rooms, maintains the originality of the material used, to give better quality to the structure.

The building has an original metallic filigree decoration and has a superb surrounding balcony, being the best example of iron architecture in Angola.

The building was rehabilitated with the support of ENDIAMA, the Angolan state-owned diamond concessionaire.

The Palace is open to the public who wishes to carry out cultural activities, guided tours for students and other interested parties who come to the site.

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Rehabilitation of the Iron Palace