In all organisations, the concern for the environment has been growing in recent years. In view of this fact, ENDIAMA has increasingly intensified its commitment to the environment, as well as to the socio-environmental development of its workers, through the elaboration and implementation of programs in the areas of Environment, Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work.

Mining being a set of activities that include the recognition, prospecting, research, evaluation, exploration, improvement and commercialization of mineral resources, it is natural that it causes impacts to the environment in which it develops. In order to minimize the impacts, it is necessary to raise everyone’s awareness, both through environmental awareness and education programs and with the adoption of mitigation measures.

In the field of Environmental Education

In order to contribute to the training and development of the worker, environmental education programs are prepared and broadcast by Corporate TV. For the projects that are in operation, ENDIAMA, has established a set of Standards that must be implement in compliance with environmental issues.

Mitigation Measures

Actions taken with the aim of minimising or eliminating the negative impacts from mining activity, as well as the recovery of already exploited areas.

Recovery of exploited areas

After the mining process a work takes place to recover the exploited areas:

Soil Replacement – Soils removed during ore extraction are replaced

Creation of seed bank / nurseries – nurseries are created with local plant species and/or others for reforestation of exploited areas

Reforestation – Reforestation of exploited areas with native species and/or raised in nurseries.

Decantation basins – Areas built next to the treatment units for the deposition of fine material from the washing plants. Here, the fine material is deposited and the clean water returns to the water stream, thus avoiding its silting.

Rivers Bed – After the ore exploration, the dykes are opened to restore the watercourse to its original bed.

Waste Treatment

The waste is temporarily stored in appropriate containers and later deposited in small landfills built in previously selected areas.

Used oils are stored in appropriate places such as tanks, drums and other containers to be treated by specialized companies.