ENDIAMA's prevention process against COVID-19

Shortly after the first cases in Portugal, the team from the Sustainability Department began the process of preparing to face the possible emergence of the virus inside the company. A few technicians of the Department went to Clínica Sagrada Esperança, for an intensive on-job training, for one day, with a multidisciplinary medical team, where they were given information about the virus, form of contagion, main symptoms, preventive measures, etc. Afterwards, following the guidelines of the medical team, the training continued with the logistics area. Here information was passed on the products to be used for the prevention of COVID-19 (alcohol gel, disinfectant, etc.).

Measures implemented:

In order to cope with COVID-19, ENDIAMA has created a multidisciplinary technical team, which has worked to prevent the entry of the virus into the building, through the implementation of preventive measures:

Hand washing and disinfestation

An internal awareness and education campaign have been carried out to inform workers about what Coronavirus is, how it is transmitted and what to do to avoid contagion, and about the correct way to wash your hands with soap and water as well as its disinfestation.

Disinfectant material

A survey was made throughout the building for the selection of suitable locations for fixing dispensers with the disinfectant compound. These were posted in the bathrooms and common areas. Alcohol gel is also distributed in all rooms.

Information leaflets

Information and explanatory leaflets on the correct way to wash and disinfect hands have been prepared and attached to the dispensers.

The main symptoms of the disease, forms of infection and prevention measures are illustrated on every computer screens.

Mask and Thermometer

It is compulsory to wear the facial mask inside the premises of ENDIAMA-E.P. To enforce this measure, it is distributed regularly to workers.

It is mandatory to test with the thermometer at the entrance of the building. For further control an entry and exit database is maintained.

Disinfection tunnel and thermographic camera

The use of the disinfection tunnel at the entrance of the ENDIAMA-E.P. building is mandatory.

During the passage in the tunnel the temperatures of the employees and visitors are measured by means of a thermographic camera and then noted.

Cleaning of common spaces and general sanitization of the building

A program for cleaning and disinfecting common use points, such as door handles, cabinets and windows, elevator buttons, toilet taps, stairway handrails, water drinker buttons, flush button, common telephones, etc., has been made with the cleaning team.

Periodically a general disinfestation of the building is being done by a specialized company.

Reduction of transport, workers and use of elevators

A work was done with all directorates on the programme to reduce workers presence in the premises to 50% per office room. For buses and staff transport vehicles, the maximum occupation is 50% of their total capacity. The use of facial masks is mandatory during the entire journey.

Elevators should carry only two people at a time.

Physical distance (1.5 – 2 m)

In order to avoid propagation through contact, physical distance between workers is still practised. To this end, a campaign has been carried out from room to room to explain to everyone the obligation of distance. Internal events with more than 15 participants should be avoided.

Room for isolation

A room for isolation of suspicious cases is being prepared and properly equipped. The individual presenting Coronavirus-like symptoms should remain in the respective room and wait for the assistance of specialized personnel, always following the guidelines and protocol established by MINSA and WHO. There is a nurse in the building who is responsible for this room.


Biometric devices are commonly used and the potential for contagion through them is extremely high. As long as the Public Disaster Situation lasts, they should remain deactivated.

Contingency Plan

The Contingency Plan has been drawn up, containing all the measures presented here.

Emergency Contacts

In addition to terminal 111, Clínica Sagrada Esperança provided the number 93187111, for use in case of suspicion of COVID-19 case.

State of Calamity

At present, the measures for gradual phasing out of the company’s Calamity State Program are in progress.